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A Tale of Two Habitat Homes

It was the happiest of days. One family receives a new home, the other pays off their home. What could be better?

The Maroua family (Issoufou & Fati with their six children: sons Yassine, Naim, Yasser, Najib, Mouhoussine and daughter Dalila) are originally from the capital city of Niger - Naimey - which has a population of over a million. All members of the Maroua family read and write in French as their primary language. However, they also speak several tribal/regional dialects of a native colloquial language and Arabic. The Maroua’s also speak, read and write English.

While working for the US Embassy for 17 years, Issoufou became familiar with the United States and the family’s dream to live here was born. Seven years later that dream became a reality and upon the recommendation of a missionary the family immigrated to Manhattan, Kansas. That is when Issoufou and Fati discovered Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity.

This home is truly a dream come true for this family as they work towards a better life for themselves and their family. Welcome to the neighborhood, Maroua family - and congratulations!

We can't thank our partner & sponsors enough for their help and generosity on this build! Our wonderful construction partner, Frontier Construction, who assigned (the amazing) Geno to oversee the day to day operations of the build. Our sponsors, who donated time, talent and/or materials: Anderson Knight Architects, Huber Engineered Woods, Griffith Lumber, MATC, Weddle and Sons, Inc., MCM, Kaw Valley Exterminators, FABA, Wildcat Guttering, Konza Closets and Carpet One. We really couldn't have done this without you!

And a big, heartfelt THANK YOU to our amazing Habitat Volunteers - you never let us down! A special shout-out to Lowell Regehr, who has been helping us with kitchen installation for many, many years.

The Leach-Fernandez family is at the successful end of their Habitat Homeowner journey and celebrated with a mortgage burning at the Maroua family's dedication ceremony.

Purchasing their Habitat Home in 1998, Vanessa Leach and Jesse Fernandez made a safe and loving home for their children. Vannessa was thrilled to completely own her home at last and looked forward to burning that mortgage! (It wouldn't light on fire, so we tore it up). Congratulations to the Leach-Fernandez family!

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