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Vista Burger helps with MAHFH/ReStore Marketing

Through the power of social media, a new MAHFH relationship is born

It was a simple question asked, leading to an unexpected donation.

MAHFH Office Manager, Melody Sexton, was shocked by the prices of new vinyl letters for the signs on the future ReStore/MAHFH office location (coming this Fall at 514 Pillsbury Drive). Such a prime retail spot simply cries out for excellent signage, but keeping the budget in check is always a high priority. So, Melody posted a request on the "You know you are from Manhattan if..." Facebook page. (A really fun page, if you have tried it before).

Lots of great suggestions, then Brad Streeter of Vista Burger posted that he had some vinyl letters of that size no longer in use that he would gladly donate to MAHFH. Amazing, 3D, 8 inch letters! We can't wait to put them up at the new location - thank you, Brad!

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